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Image by Brooke Lark

Friends and Family Cooking Class

Want to make cooking fun for the whole family, and still make it healthy and delicious? Each class will bring all members of the family together to help create an amazing meal no matter the age group. No more than 4 family members per booking.


Each cooking class will include making an appetizer and entrée, you can

choose from Menu A or Menu B below.


We accommodate allergies and diet restrictions. Notify us of you any allergies or diet restrictions as well as preference for Menu A or B at time of booking.


Menu A:

Hearty minestrone soup

Mediterranean meatballs




Menu B:

Classic chickpea hummus

Sheet pan Greek chicken



Each session will be 1.5 hours, you will receive your ingredients list in advance of your appointment so you can purchase your ingredients. We will prepare the meal together at our set appointment. All cooking classes are virtual, utilizing video calls on a personal device such as a phone or computer


Ensure that you are set up prior to your scheduled appointment by having all your ingredients set out on your counter and proper positioning of your personal device for video conferencing. We will be utilizing Zoom for the cooking classes, some may require the download of the zoom app, ensure that this is complete prior to the start of the class in order to maximize the full 1.5 hours efficiently.


Cost: $155 for a maximum of 4 people for 1.5 hour cooking class.

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