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Fruit Popsicle

6 hours

10 servings, Egg Free
Gluten Free
Lactose Free

Fruit Popsicle


1.5 cups sweet coconut milk 

0.5 coconut water 

1 tsp honey 

4 tbsp of soaked basil seeds

1 tbsp mint leaves (optional)

2 cup blueberries 

1 cup raspberries 

1 cup strawberries

Equipment Needed:

Meauring cup



Popsicle mold

Cutting board

Small knife



  1.  In a bowl, add coconut milk, coconut water and honey and mix it until it looks even. Add soaked basil seeds, mint leaves (optional), blueberries and raspberries. Chop the strawberries in quarter size and them into the bowl. 

  2.  Evenly divide the mixture and pour them into the popsicle molds. Tap the bottom of the mould to remove any air bubbles.

  3.  Insert the popsicle stick and freeze them for at least 6 hours or until hardened. Remove the popsicles from the mould and store them in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.

  4. Serve immediately once removed from the freezer. 

Recipe created by Pearl Pasanna

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